freestanding rig
freestanding rig

To rig the rope a rigging point is needed. Alternatively, a free standing rig can be brought.

Rigging point:
  • - Minimum height: 5 meters, ideal height: 7 meters or more.

  • - Minimum weight: 400kg.

  • - Two meters around the rigging point must be free on all sides for the entire length of the rope.

  • - A safe access to the rigging point (ladder, lift...) must be provided.

Freestanding Rig:

If there is no rigging point, the performance can happen on a freestanding rig (See picture). With its special feet, unevenness in the ground can be regulated.


Height: Can be varied between 5m and 7m.

On the floor: 4,5m x6m.


Music is brought on a CD (or MP3, USB). A sound system as well as its operation must be provided. According to prior agreement the performance can also happen with live-music.


The light can be varied, depending on the client's preferences, a rehearsal with the technician might be necessary. (For example if a spotlight is used).